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8-6-00 - From:

A Rhyme a Day Keeps the Calories Away

Thanks to DietWatch member nomojunk for her special contribution. She wrote a poem describing her aspirations of adopting a healthy lifestyle and exercise plan. Although the title sounds grim, there`s an optimistic ending. She hopes that this poem will inspire others to break free of their old habits and to stay on the road to excellent health.

The Death of a Fat Woman…

He`d get up in the morning, have some breakfast and some tea.
But would only have a little bit, and leave the rest for me.
I`d fix a snack for later, and he`d always want some too
But then he wouldn`t eat it all, and say that he was through.
He`d say, ``together, we`ll go walking``, then get busy in his shop,
I would hurry to get ready, then again my hopes would drop
He would say, ``just try a little, it can`t hurt you, not this much``.
As he passed the bowl of ice cream, that he didn`t really touch.

He is my worst enabler, and he doesn`t see the pain
Of how I really hate myself, with every little gain,
He is my worst enabler, and doesn`t know the truth
I’ve been an overeater, from way back to my youth.

I know it`s not his problem… for the responsibility`s mine.
But when I find it hard to lose, and get sabotaged each time,
I look at all my failures, knowing how hard this road can be
And let my eyes get blinded to the truth that`s there for me
I can`t help but find it difficult to stay strong toward my climb.
But this will be forever, for it involves my whole lifetime
I won`t finish all his breakfast, I`ll just eat the one for me
And only snack the things I should, maybe apples from the tree
My exercise is crucial, for my body, mind and soul
I have to do it just for me, to keep my life change whole
So when he gets too busy, I`ll just do it all alone
Cause after all, he`s skinny, and would only need to tone
The goodies I will pass by, ice cream can sit and melt
I would rather wear a pair of jeans, and a fancy buckled belt
I am tired of all the mirrors, where I see myself and cringe
And tired of all the nights of pain, when I go off on a binge
I truly hate the way I look, but do like who I am
And plan to stick so very close, to my program I will plan.

I can`t expect this happening, as quick as I would want
But I know that this `ol fat will go, and won’t stay here to haunt
I`ll be a slender shadow, of the person I am now,
And when I see myself go by, I`ll smile, and think, ``Oh wow``.
So, I am here to tell you, that this fat lady must die…
I will hear the music, and will open up my eyes.
I plan to work at death each day, of habits killing me
And look forward to the future, and the fox that I will be.