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  1. URL/Web Address
  2. Bolding URL's
  3. Bride/Grooms head cut off by Nav. Drop-down box.
  4. Copied Navigation Drop-down box from one of our pages on the web--I cannot check.   Please be sure it works okay.
  5. Top
  6. Adding bottom address.
  7. REturn to Wedding Tips Directory
  8. Go to related tips.
  9. Background/left side image.
  10. Replace divider bar with image with buttons.????
  11. Heart bullets.?
  12. Added links to related pages (when applicable).
  13. I checked all links when viewed in Browser.  When you put these pages on the web, please let me know and I'll check to be sure all the links are okay--especially those on the Directory.
  1. Redid--two columns now--10 tips instead of _____
  2. I copied animated gif from web page--please be sure works okay.
Getting Organized
  1. New Tips page - please read.
  2. Are 2nd and 4th bullet points (re books and software okay)?
  3. Please review the list of categories and sub-categories for planner.  If any are not okay or you know of others, please let me know.
  4. Specifically, if fitness and sub-categories okay?  If not, please let me know.
Flower Checklist
  1. For now, I used the image title of Wedding Tips.  Later on, if we have more checklists and/or worksheets, I will do a separate section for them and ask you to make an item with a new title.
  2. Text is black because of people printing.
  3. Plaese review/read web page.
  4. Is intro paragraph okay?
  5. Is bride and groom image on row with colum headings okay.  If you have a better image (i.e., bouquet), please substitute.  Right now I plan to put the same bridge and groom image on all Checklists/Worksheets I do in the future.
  6. Are items with asterisks okay?
  7. Are items listed okay--Delete or add any?
  8. _________ Are instructions re printing clear?
  9. Suggest you print it either after you browse or after you put on web to be sure it is not ridiculously long.
Attendants' Duties
  1. Extracted from Attendants' Duties and Gifts--has new file name.
  2. Added asterisk to lines re procession and recession (except for junionr usher and bridesmaids--they are not on the ceremony formation from Weddingpages).  Link goes to page on our web titled Ceremony Formations which then refers them to Wedding pages diagram.
  3. Added links to related pages.
Attendants' Gifts
  1. Extracted from Attendants' Duties and Gifts--has new file name.
  2. Added to/revised some of the text.
Bridal Shows
  1. Linked to page with list of Bridal Shows.
Choosing Attendants
  1. I changed a lot of the wording in regard to children (last bulleted item, junior bridesmaids/ushers and flower girl/ring bearer).
Potpoutti of Tips
  1. Renamed from Other, as I told you.
  2. Please read/review--I added quite a few tips.
Who pays for what
  1. Can't remember if I made any changes.  If I did, they were just minor/cosmetic.