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  • After you’ve chosen your attendants, you have yet another decision to make:  buying the attendants' gifts.
  • Tradition dictates that bridesmaids should receive similar gifts, as should the groomsmen/ushers, although special gifts are sometimes given to the best man and maid of honor.  Similar need not mean exact.
  • There are many gifts from which to choose.  Many companies that carry bridal accessories also carry gifts appropriate for your attendants.  (Click here to go that category on our Links page.)
  • Some traditional suggestions are wallets, pen and pencil sets, belt buckles, pewter mugs and silver key rings for men; chains, necklaces, disc charms and silver bangle bracelets for women.
  • More contemporary gifts might include exotic plants, recreational accessories or handmade (preferably by the bride and/or groom) crafts.
  • Some couples prefer to pay for the rental or purchase of all clothing and related items their attendants will wear.
  • You may want to get them something that can be engraved to make the gift even more personal.
  • A gift is a meaningful token of appreciation.  It says "thank you" for sharing, celebrating and attending the most joyous ceremony a man and woman will ever plan together.  After many years have passed, the attendants can look back at the wedding and smile, proudly remembering the contributions that helped make the wedding a success.