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  • Always take a friend with you to help you cover all of the show and to act as your second opinion.  Plus, you’ll need someone to help you carry all the stuff you’ll collect.
  • Dress casually and wear comfortable shoes; you’re going to do a lot of walking.
  • When attending a bridal show, make sure you allow enough time to talk with the exhibitors, enjoy the wedding fashion show, attend seminars, and comparison shop.
  • Have questions ready.  Take a pen and paper along for notes.  You have an entire day of planning ahead of you—make the best of it!   It will be a big help with your wedding planning.
  • Check the time of the wedding fashion show when you arrive.   You don’t want to miss that.  It’s the highlight of the day.   Have a pen handy in case you see your dream wedding gown.  You’ll want to note at least a quick description and the store it’s from.
  • First, go to any vendors that are handing out their information in bags.  It’ll make carrying all the stuff you collect much easier.   (Consider taking your own light-weight grocery-style bag with you to carry the material, in case you don’t find the vendor handing out the bags right away.)
  • Take anything that is handed out or offered to you, even if you’re not sure if it’s something you’re interested in right now.  You might decide in the future to include it and you'll have information readily available.
  • Take address labels with you printed with your name, address, phone number and wedding date.  You’ll be surprised how much writing this will save you at the show.  (Some shows even provide preprinted labels with advance registration.  Check when you register in advance.)
  • Take a clipboard with you for a stable writing surface—better than your friend’s back or balanced on your hand.
  • Talk to others attending the show.  Other brides-to-be are a great source of ideas, advice, and camaraderie.
  • Enter every contest that you can.  It’s very common for lots of prizes to be given away.  And you’ve got as much chance of winning as anyone else who is there.  Who knows—you might even win a honeymoon or your gown!
  • When the show is over, take your bridal show buddy out to lunch, dinner or at the very least, for coffee at Starbucks.