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  • One of the key elements to wedding planning is organization.
  • There are numerous wedding planning books or, if you prefer to keep track of everything using your computer, wedding planning software. Both are available for a reasonable charge; a few are even free.  Click here for a list we’ve compiled of wedding planning books and software that are available online.
  • Or, you can easily make your own wedding planner, quite inexpensively—personalized just for you.
  • If you decide to use wedding planning software, you can print the pages and put them in the wedding planner's binder to take with you.
  • It's a good idea to take your wedding planner with you everywhere you go.  Keep everything regarding your wedding in it:  names, phone numbers, business cards, swatches, receipts, pictures you've seen of things you like (wedding gowns, headpieces, flowers, reception setup, etc.), notes, ideas, etc.  If you’re out one day and see something that seems like it would be perfect but you're not sure if the color is right, you can check it against a swatch.  It may come in handy when you least expect it!


Here's what you'll need to make your own wedding planner:

  • Big 3-ring binder—2" or 3". (You might want to buy a binder with clear plastic on the front/back so you can insert a picture of the two of you, picture of your wedding location, honeymoon destination, etc.)
  • Zipper pouches (or sheet protectors) for swatches & receipts.
  • Business card sleeves. (We found Avery’s 3-ring Business Card Pages that hold 20 business card per page and fit standard 3-ring binders online at both Staples and Office Depot.)
  • Paper hole punch to put all of your contracts in the binder
           - or -
    Sheet protectors to hold contracts without punching them—so you don’t punch through any of the text.
  • Tabs to divide the sections of your binder.
  • Paper to record your notes and other..
  • Imagination and your own decorations—pictures, glitter, stickers, etc. (Make your wedding planner as attractive and fun as you want—you’ll be looking at it from the start of your planning until your wedding day. You might even want to keep it as a momento of your wedding planning.)

The tab dividers in the binder can be set up any number of ways. The number of sections depends on what you want for your wedding.  Below is a list of categories from which you can choose.  It includes subdivisions of the categories to help you take care of all details.
  • Attire:
    ~ Bride's Gown, Accessories and Shoes.
    ~ Bridesmaids' Gowns, Accessories and Shoes.
    ~ Mothers' Dresses.
    ~ Tuxedos/Formalwear and Accessories.
  • Beauty:
    ~ Hair.
    ~ Make-up.
    ~ Nails.
  • Bridal Consultant.
  • Budget.
  • Calendar/Timetable.
  • Caterer:
    ~ Food.
    ~ Liquor.
  • Ceremony:
    ~ Decorations.
    ~ Lighting.
    ~ Location.
    ~ Music for ceremony.
    ~ Officiant.
    ~ Other Ceremony Details.
    ~ Vows (if you’re writing your own).
  • Engagement Announcements:
    ~ Newspapers.
    ~ Shared Memories Free Engagement Listing.
  • Fitness:
    ~ Fitness Log.
    ~ Fitness Plan.
    ~ Weight and measurements at the beginning and end of planning.
  • Florist:
    ~ Bouquets and headpieces.
    ~ Boutonnieres & Corsages.
    ~ Ceremony Flowers.
    ~ Reception Flowers.
    ~ Other Flowers (such as cake, cake table, etc.)
  • Gifts:
    ~ Attendants' Gifts.
    ~ Your wedding gifts to each other.
    ~ Gift Registry.
  • Guests:
    ~ Favors.
    ~ Guest List w/ Phone Numbers & Addresses.
    ~ Invitations:
          - Calligrapher.
          - Postage.
          - Wording.
    ~ Programs.
    ~ Seating Chart & Placecards.
    ~ Thank You Notes.
  • Honeymoon:
    ~ Details about children, pets, plants, cars, etc.
    ~ Lodging.
    ~ Transportation.
  • Marriage License.
  • Lodging (for out-of-town guests).
  • Parties:
    ~ Bachelor Party.
    ~ Bachelorette Party.
    ~ Bridesmaids Luncheon.
    ~ Engagement Party.
    ~ Rehearsal Dinner.
  • Photography
  • Reception.
    ~ Decorations/Rental Items
    ~ Lighting.
    ~ Music/DJ for reception.
    ~ Location.
    ~ Miscellaneous: Toasting Glasses, Disposable Cameras, Cake Knife, etc.
    ~ Other Ceremony Details.
    ~ Setup.
  • Rings.
  • Transportation.
  • Videography.
  • Wedding Cake.