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Birth Announcements

List of Counted Cross Stitch Patterns & Kits I Found on the Internet August 2002*
(so my niece could choose one for me to make for the birth of her new daughter)



to check out:


Beatrix Potter Patterns

Cross Stitch by 1-2-3
Text descriptions for the following appears on

Other Patterns

Cross Stitch with 1-2-3

Note:  To view many more patterns, search for the following:

  • birth
  • birth record
  • birth annoumcement
Adams Used Books:
The Silver Needle:
Sew and Sew - UK
Craft Stop Product Listings as of 8-6-02 - Counted X Stitch - Baby  

Craft Stop Product Listings as of 8-6-02 - Baby Kits:  


The following web page has 3 pictures of birth announcements (with text) to look at:

On do a search for birth announcement; you should get results of two pages listing the following.


  • It would probably be easier for you to just do the search and view the two results web pages (with text and images) rather than clicking on all of the individual web pages I listed below.
  • I only listed counted cross stitch, not stamped cross stitch.   Did not include any Disney Pooh.

Note:  The following web page has larger images of a few patterns listed above (you can see them better); located in UK:

  • 'Honey Bears Birth Announcement'
  • 'Button & Bows Birth Announcement'
  • 'Baby Witzy Birth Announcement'
  • 'Sleepy Bunnies Birth Announcement' 
  • 'Sleepy Time Friends Birth Announcement' 
  • 'Heaven Sent Birth Announcement' 
  • 'Baby Garden Birth Announcement' 
  • 'Sleepy Bears Birth Announcement'    
The Stitchery
Note:  mostly listed those not seen elsewhere.
Dimensions Product Catalog - Baby and Juvenile

16 designs are listed
Some are duplicates of others listed and this web page, but some are new ones (UK):
  • +Babies Fill Our Hearts
  • +Summer Bears Birth
  • +Birth Record for Baby
  • +Little One Welcome (**** duplicate) - larger image - bear in pram/carriage decorated with roses.
  • Very Very Best Place Birth Record

Note:  all designs have at least one bear in them.

Fabrics & Notions Stitch Kits
Cross Stitch with Me - Jiffy mini counted cross stitch kits- has numerous birth announcements. Also see page 2.


All Stitched Up


* This not a list of all of the birth announcements that are on the Internet.   It's only a list of those that appealed to me.

The following is not a birth announcement, but I want to keep a record of the web page in case my grand-niece would like this design done for her some time in the future.  It's such a cute bear design for a little girl.

Teddy Tea Party


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