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Copyright 1999 American Diabetes Association

Click here to order this cookbook.Low-Fat Chocolate Mousse
6 servings/Serving size: 1/2 cup

This is a great low-fat version of a sinfully rich dessert.

2 1.4-oz pkgs artificially sweetened, low-fat, instant chocolate pudding and pie filling
4 cups evaporated skim milk
3/4 cup low-calorie whipped topping
Sliced strawberries

  1. Mix the dry pudding with the evaporated milk for 1 to 2 minutes. Mix in the whipped topping. Place into individual dessert dishes and top with sliced strawberries.

Carbohydrate Exchange -- 2&1/2
Calories -- 192
   Calories from Fat -- 13
Total Fat -- 1g
   Saturated Fat -- 1g
Cholesterol -- 6mg
Sodium -- 345mg
Carbohydrate -- 31g
   Dietary Fiber -- 1g
   Sugars -- 17g
Protein -- 14g