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Winnie The Pooh Counted Cross Stitch - Disney & Classic Pooh

Classic Pooh Collection:

Classic Pooh: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Illuminations Fashion Valley (619) 543-9334 (by Victoria's Secret, 2nd floor, in middle by food court) Affiliates: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ASSOCIATIONS Craft Yarn Council of America The Knitting Guild of America TKGA's purpose is to provide education & communication to those wishing to advance the quality & workmanship of creativity in their knitting endeavors & the publishers of "Cast On" Magazine ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Vogue Knitting: Mary Maxim 11-18-99 requested catalog through online form Bernat: Herrschners Michaels Knitter's Universe (Knitter's Magazine): Zelleres Online Baby Catalog: Flexi-Hoop (order in units of 3) (wholesaler?) (has a few) Self-Stick Mounting Board Board Pressure sensitive adhesive mounting board. 3336 5"x7" 1.36 8650 8"x10" 1.82 3337 9"x12" 2.26 2539 11"x14" 3.26 3338 16"x20" 4.66 KEEPING WORK FRAMED IN FLEXI-HOOPS CLEAN If you have framed a design in a flexi-hoop and you need to put the finished work in a room where it might get dirty such as a kitchen, try this Quick Tip. Before you frame the work put a piece of cling film over the work and frame both together, trapping the cling film between the two hoops. You can trim the cling film close to the back of the hoop. You can replace the cling film if it gets torn or grubby. Another use of cling film with flexi-hoops is to line the inside of the embroidery with cling film, and then put pot pouri in the gap. Curtain net can then be used across the back to allow the smell of the pot pouri to waft out into the room.