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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Excerpt from: Who gives the shower? Traditionally a family member from either side Also friends And Co-workers too There even may be multiples showers with someone on each side of the family, work, or friends giving a shower for a different group. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Excerpt from: Who throws the shower? Typically it was a family member from either side, sometimes you'll even see multiples showers from each side of the family, work, friends, etc. You can have anyone throw a shower, they do not have to be related to you. Friends, co-workers, family, etc. Who comes to a baby shower? That depends on the planners. If it's a surprise shower you might get someone close to the mom to help make a guest list, even asking a few people. You might invite only co-workers if it is a work place shower, or family members if it is a family shower, or everyone to one big shower. You might also decide on a couples shower (see below). Something that should be added here is to be mindful when inviting friends or relatives who have experienced recent losses or are suffering infertility problems. Many will feel left out if not invited, as some well-meaning people tend to do. The best advice is to ask them personally if they would come, and be respectful of their situation. What about the guys? Many men are entering the realm of baby showers these days. The Couples shower is an appropriate way to celebrate a new baby. While this is a new tradition many men are enjoying these get togethers, as are women. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~