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3-25-99 e-mail from ES:

The formula for WW is: 50 calories = 1 point every gram of fiber = minus 10 calories every 12 grams of fat = add 1 point I don't need to carry my slide chart to the food store anymore. However, sometimes I find it faster to use it at home. I definitely use factions of points. The lite rye bread I eat is half a point per slice. I bought a WW TV dinner--it was labeled 4 points but it was actually four and a quarter points. I eat fat free shredded cheese which is half a point per quarter cup. I don't remember about saving points. How many are allowed to be saved and for how long? A week? Please tell me what you remember about saving points.

3-26-99 e-mail from ES:

In the week two book of the 1-2-3 series I found my answer to saving points. We are allowed to save up to 10 points and they should be used within one week. In the same book are meal ideas. Many items are half a point. I don't know why your leader told you that a piece of bread had to be at least a full point no matter what. The book said:

page 4

1 slice toasted Reduced Calorie Whole Wheat Bread     .5
with 1 tsp. Light Cream Cheese                                     .5
1 slice Reduced Calorie Bread                                       .5
with 1 tsp. Reduced-Calorie Margarine                            .5

page 10

with 1 tsp. Reduced-Calorie Mayonnaise                         .5

I did not see anything for a quarter of a point in the book. However, I plan to go on counting in fractions. I checked out "Dining With the Duchess" from the Library. I did not care for it. The recipes were hard and had ingredients that I don't eat. Please look at the book and if you feel the way I do, please go to Borders and exchange it for some other book. I am going to get "Weight Watchers Simply the Best, 250 Prize Winning Family Recipes" (1997). Some recipes from this cookbook are in the week two book and I like them.


3-27-99 e-mail from ES:

Yesterday I looked at WW Simply the Best, 250 Prize Winning Family Recipes (1997) at the bookstore and I did not find very many recipes that I liked besides the ones I already have. So, instead of buying it, I put it on hold at the Library. I also put WW New Complete Cookbook (1998) on hold. I will let you know when I get them. Borders and the Library did not have WW 1-2-3 Success Recipe Collection (1997); have your ever seen that cookbook