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Counted Cross Stitch Counted Cross Stitch Projects I've Made
Credits Page Credits Page - Even though I've put a link to the appropriate site on each page where their graphics appear, I decided to create a Credits Page so all artists whose work appears on this site will be listed in one place.  Without their generosity, my site would be very plain indeed.
Diabetes - San Diego Diabetes-San Diego* - portion of this web site dedicated to diabetes.
Links Links - lots and lots of links that I've collected for the past two years.  I like having them on this web site rather than bookmarking them.  Maybe you'll find some of interest to you too.
Birth Announcements - Counted Cross Stitch

Links to Birth Announcements - Counted Cross Stitch (and a few No Count Cross Stitch) - List of Counted Cross Stitch Patterns & Kits I Found on the Internet August 2002 (so my niece and her husband could choose one for me to make for the birth of her new daughter)

Cyber Adoptions My CyberAdoptions
My Two Cats My Two Royal Cats:  Princess and Tessa
Recipes from Genie's Garden Recipes from Genie's Garden - some tried and true recipes that I've been making for years, and a few new ones.
Recipes with Nutritional Information Recipes with Nutritional Information - Links*
These recipes can be used by anyone who wants to know the nutritional information about a recipe, not just people with diabetes who count carbohydrates.
Thoughtful Thoughts Thoughtful Thoughts* -  contains quotes and sayings that I've collected over the years.  I hope you find them as inspiring as I do.  Plus, I've added images to enhance their impact.
Pooh Counted Cross Stitch Winnie the Pooh Counted Cross Stitch and Other Needlecraft
Pooh Links Classic & Disney Pooh - Links


In the Diabetes-San Diego portion of this web site.

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"What's in a name?  That which we call a rose,
by any other name would smell as sweet."

- William Shakespeare