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From:  University of Michigan Health Education Resource Center

When adults play, they're happier.  Some like to play in ways that test physical skill, other prefer games of pure strategy, like chess.  Still others opt for word games and puzzles at any chance.

Play is an actvity apart from the obligations of work, family and socieity.

Turn to play for relaxation and to express your unique personality.

July is National Recreation Month.

Play.  Have fun.  Make new friends.

Excerpt from: 
Do you have what it takes to be a mentor?
Reader's Digest - August 2000 issue

" . . . They need to understand what I call the "value of play." Play is a tension reliever and a tool for learning. It promotes mental capacities, stretches the attention span, develops perseverance, encourages sharing and develops physical skills and reduces anxiety. It's okay to have fun and it leads, ultimately, to academic achievement."